Connect to the Process of Healing

I am Carmen Rodriguez Ware, the sole practitioner of BodyMind Hypnotherapy in Abu Dhabi. I use a combination of approaches that take advantage of the inseparability of body and mind. I help people connect with their own brilliant and beautiful healing powers.

Together we use hypnotherapy to step through to the subconscious mind and your solutions that are there just below the surface of consciousness. The process establishes new associations and awarenesses – connecting you with your dormant personal strengths and abilities. Meridian Tapping therapy helps you reframe your self-talk – to actually rewrite it, and if it becomes apparent that past traumas are the root cause of present problems we can use Matrix Reimprinting, a very effective way for your older and wiser self to assist that younger vulnerable self that has been suffering.

We will be process oriented – a discovery process. I am the facilitator supporting you – helping you to relax and connect to the process of healing.


The Process of Healing has many paths:Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 9.01.30 PM

Weight Release and Perfect Body Weight

Physical and emotional healing

Clarifying personal goals

Resolving old and deep-seated issues

Changing unwanted thoughts and behaviors

Connecting with personal truth and purpose


BodyMind Hypnotherapy can be profound, intense, joyful, touching and surprising, and it has consistently proven to be a very effective and rewarding experience.

I am located at Body Tree studios in central Abu Dhabi. Please call for appointment at Body Tree, 02 443 4448, or call me personally at 056 602 7049.


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